Monday, January 17, 2011

Starting race '2' late.

So I will be keeping our family blog and my 34 race blog separate.  For those of you that don't care :)
Next is race #3.  It is the Winter Flight 8k in Salisbury on January 29th.  I am lucky to have the support of my hubby and good friend Meredith on this one.  It also helps that it's local.  I am looking forward to the fact that it's a tad less distance than I have been doing :)  I will update pics and results as soon as I have them
Next up...
Tentatively #4, on February 5th.  I am a little concerned about this one.  While I thrive on it being different yet extrememly challenging... it's a logisitical nightmare.  Not only is it 3 hours from home, in Raleigh, but it's the same date and time as Carson's swim meet.  So, decisions, decisions. 
The idea behind the challenge is run 2 miles, eat a dozen doughnuts, run 2 miles.  Yikes!
#5 tentatively....Saturday, February 19th Myrtle Beach Half Marathon.  Chad is fighting me tooth and nail on this one.  It's only 9 days before the Disney Princess Half.  34 races are still 34 races!!
#6  Disney Princness Half!  I am looking forward to this one so much.  I am thinking it will be my last event before my thyroid surgery but I also have a great high school friend who will be here also.  I originally thought I wouldn't be dressing up, but I think I will be... somewhat!  The weekend will be fantastic for the whole family.  Chad and Carson will run the family 5k, Caelyn will run the 1 miles and Carrigan will rock the 100m dash!  :) 
Feel free to join in the challenge or create your own.  Life is what you make of it... don't let it pass you by!  :)

Stay tuned for pictures and results!
And why walk if you can RUN!!!

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